Commercial Shelving

Ideal for offices where the shelving needs to be less industrial.
Solid steel side and back panels can complement the system to blend in with the work space.
The shelves are all clip adjustable with only the top and bottom shelves being bolted.
Ideally used for mobile shelving applications.

Can be clad with wooden panels or fabric to blend in with the office décor

Ideal for document storage, archives, sample storage etc

– Height             : 2210

– Shelf Sizes       : 914 x 305, 914 x 381 and 914 x 457


– Dividers,  cradles

Commercial shelving is a versatile and essential storage solution used in a variety of business settings to organize and display merchandise, supplies, or inventory. Unlike residential shelving, commercial shelving is designed to withstand the demands of a busy and dynamic environment, offering durability, flexibility, and efficiency. These shelves come in various styles, materials, and configurations to cater to the specific needs of different industries.

One of the primary features of commercial shelving is its sturdy construction. These shelves are typically made from robust materials such as steel, stainless steel, or heavy-duty plastic, ensuring they can withstand the weight of products or equipment commonly found in commercial spaces. This durability is crucial for businesses with high inventory turnover or those dealing with heavy and bulky items.

Commercial shelving is highly versatile and can be customized to suit the unique requirements of various businesses. The shelves come in different sizes and configurations. This adaptability allows businesses to create storage solutions that maximize available space and efficiently organize products or materials.



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