Adjustable Pallet Racking

This is the most widely used type of racking. It allows for storage up to 11m or in a specialised narrow aisle crane application up to 22m. Product is easily accessible and always FIFO .

Multiple application types. This is an extremely versatile system.

  • Varying heights ranging from 1524, 1829, 2134, 2438, 2743 up to 12m.
  • Varying depths ranging from 457, 610, 762, 838, 914 up to 3000.
  • Varying beam lengths from 1524, 1829, 2134, 2438, 2743 and carrying capacities from 700kg to 3500kg
  • Varying configurations.

Rack Types & Accessories

  • Wooden or steel decks
  • Drum chocks or cradles
  • Rack protectors
  • Pallet support bars
  • In rack sprinkler supports
  • Cheese Racking
  • Coil Racking
  • Display Racking
  • Tyre Racking

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