Whatever your storage needs, Dexion has a wide range of products and services designed to meet them. From working with our customers and fully understanding their detailed requirements we are able to propose various solutions, which can best utilise the space available, whilst also considering the product selectivity, picking rates and investment required.

Through evaluating these different options with our customers we are able to ensure the customer gets the best return on their investment in all respects.

Our goal is always to provide the most efficient solution that fully meets our customers needs.

Racking and shelving systems are essential components of efficient storage solutions in various industries, catering to diverse needs for organizing, storing, and accessing goods. These systems encompass a wide array of designs, each tailored to specific storage requirements and space utilization. The choice of racking or shelving system depends on several factors such as the type of goods being stored, available space, accessibility needs, inventory turnover, and safety considerations. Each system is designed to optimize storage, improve inventory management, and enhance overall operational efficiency within a warehouse or storage facility.