Delivery and Installations

Whatever Dexion product you require we will get it to you in perfect condition and on time, whether you need one bay of shelving or a complete multi -million rand installation. Dexion will ensure that its skills and resources are always focused on meeting your requirements fully.

Dexion will always endeavour that;

  • Products are delivered in accordance with agreed timescales
  • All products arrive in excellent condition
  • Products are installed by experienced staff
  • Installation takes place to agreed schedules
  • Installation methods are documented and where appropriate, agreed
  • On completion the finished installed product is properly handed over

Racking and shelving delivery and installation services play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless integration of storage solutions into various business environments. The process begins with the delivery phase, where the selected racking and shelving components are transported to the designated location. Reliable delivery services prioritize timely and secure transportation, minimizing disruptions to the business operations and facilitating a smooth transition to the installation phase.

The installation of racking and shelving systems requires precision and expertise to ensure the structures are assembled correctly, align with safety standards, and meet the specific needs of the facility. Professional installation teams possess the knowledge and skills necessary to interpret blueprints, follow assembly instructions, and secure the systems in a manner that guarantees stability and load-bearing capacity. This expertise is particularly crucial for complex systems, such as pallet racking or mezzanine floors, where structural integrity is paramount.

Efficient project management is a key aspect of racking and shelving delivery and installation services. This involves coordinating the delivery timeline, ensuring that components arrive on schedule, and synchronizing the installation process to minimize downtime for the business. Clear communication between us and the client is essential, allowing for any necessary adjustments to the installation plan and addressing unforeseen challenges promptly.