Drive-In Racking

  • High density storage –maximizing cubic space—economical with greater number of pallets stored per cubic meter than other storage systems but not efficient if varied picking is required.
  • Low stock rotation – suitable for seasonal goods and fluctuating stock demand.
  • Ideal for cold and bulk storage applications.
  • Suitable for easily damaged or fragile loads, which cannot be block stacked.
  • FILO
  • Purpose designed system based on pallet size and mass
  • Requires the forklift to drive into each lane to access the pallets. The forklift supplier needs to be advised of limitations such as height to 1st arm level and width between guide rails.


The key advantage of drive-in racking is its ability to achieve a dense storage configuration. By eliminating the need for aisles between racks, this system can utilize nearly all available floor space for storage. This makes drive-in racking particularly well-suited for bulk storage scenarios where space efficiency is a primary consideration. However, it is essential to note that the last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory management method is typically employed with drive-in racking, as the first pallet stored is the last to be accessed.

Drive-in racking is commonly utilized in industries with slow-moving inventory or products that have a consistent turnover rate. Cold storage facilities, warehouses dealing with seasonal items, or manufacturing plants with consistent production runs often find drive-in racking beneficial due to its space efficiency and suitability for storing large quantities of the same product.

While drive-in racking provides excellent storage density, it requires careful planning to ensure optimal functionality. Pallets are stored in a continuous block, and accessibility to individual pallets may be limited. This makes drive-in racking less suitable for facilities with a high frequency of stock rotation or where quick and selective picking is a priority. However, for businesses looking to maximize their storage capacity while maintaining a relatively low-cost structure, drive-in racking remains a valuable solution.



Drive-In Racking

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