The Dexion Brand

Known around the world for:

  • High quality products
    Market-leading ideas concerning space utilisation, effective storage and handling of items;
  • Excellence in customer service
    After-sales service.

‘Smarter Thinking’ is embraced on all levels of our organisation: smarter working; smarter solutions; and smarter competitively.

With over 55 years of experience in Materials Handling and Storage Systems, Dexion has the expertise to solve any storage requirements.
Our Cape Town Head Office and network provide support to customers on a national basis. Dexion’s range of products includes: racking, shelving, conveyor systems, mezzanine floors, filing boxes and small parts bins; and we provide a complete advice and design service. Our regular inspection service includes audit, reporting and recommendations.

Racking and shelving systems are integral components of storage infrastructure in various industrial, commercial, and retail environments. These systems are designed to efficiently organize, store, and retrieve items, optimizing space utilization and contributing to streamlined operations. The versatility of racking and shelving allows businesses to tailor storage solutions to their specific needs, accommodating diverse products, materials, and storage requirements.

Pallet racking systems are a common and essential type of racking used in warehouses and distribution centers. These systems are designed to store palletized goods, providing a structured and space-efficient way to stack and organize products. Selective pallet racking, drive-in racking, and push-back racking are examples of configurations within this category, each offering unique advantages based on accessibility, storage density, and retrieval requirements.

Shelving systems encompass a broader range of storage solutions suitable for various applications. Adjustable shelving is a versatile option that allows users to modify shelf heights to accommodate items of different sizes. Wire shelving offers visibility and airflow, making it suitable for environments where cleanliness and ventilation are priorities. Heavy-duty shelving is designed to support the storage of bulky or weighty items in industrial settings.

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