Perfect for a growing business, Ultima HI-280 is the solution for items other systems can’t handle.

It’s big on carrying capacity and shelving bay lengths and height. What’s more, it’s completely boltless: components slot together to create fast and rigid structures. Ultima HI-280 can be used for everything from high density, small parts storage through to large scale, multi-tier structures incorporating bridges, loading gates and staircases. It can even be mounted on Compactus® mobile bases. Ideal for growing businesses, that need the flexibility of a storage system that can be expanded in the future.

  • Suitable for 2 tier, multi tier and high rise applications
  • Ability to extend tiers in the future
  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Wide range of standard accessories to suit almost any application
  • Lifetime Warranty – Conditions apply

Shelf-supported raised storage areas, also known as raised storage platforms or mezzanines, are elevated platforms constructed above existing shelving or racking systems within a facility. This type of storage solution maximizes the use of vertical space, creating an additional level for various purposes. The primary distinction of shelf-supported raised storage areas is their reliance on the underlying shelving or racking structures for support, eliminating the need for additional columns or structural elements.

One of the key advantages of shelf-supported raised storage areas is their ability to optimize storage capacity within a warehouse or industrial setting. By utilizing the vertical space above shelving systems, businesses can effectively double their storage capacity without the need for extensive modifications to the existing structure. This is particularly beneficial for facilities with high ceilings, as it allows them to capitalize on the available overhead space.

The versatility of shelf-supported raised storage areas is evident in their diverse applications. These platforms can be used to create additional storage space for inventory or archived materials. Alternatively, they can serve as elevated work areas for offices, production, or assembly operations. The adaptability of this storage solution allows businesses to tailor the raised storage area to meet their specific operational requirements.