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Customers in all markets will benefit from working with Dexion. Our starting point is your requirement and we develop customer-oriented solutions to meet your needs, whatever they may be. In addition to our standard systems, we can also provide fully customised installations.


Dexion go further than just providing general advice and guidance to our customers on their storage requirements; we provide practical assistance through a more detailed analysis of their storage requirements. We can translate your storage needs into a detailed specification of the storage equipment that would be required and the best layout to meet your space, access and picking requirements.


We can evaluate all aspects of the warehouse operation including;

  • The storage equipment and layout
  • Material storage locations
  • The optimal material handling processes
  • Inventory levels to achieve required service levels
  • Purchasing and replenishment strategies



Dexion will always endeavor to fully understand our customers requirements. By working closely with you from initial concept through to defining a detailed specification, we are able to provide clear and detailed proposals. Depending on your requirements we can provide a full spectrum of solutions, from an outline budget guide to a fully detailed quotation, helping you to evaluate project feasibility or assess alternative storage options. This can include;

  • Technical product specifications
  • Layout drawings of alternative options
  • Fully costed and broken down into relevant areas
  • Lead times and detailed project plans where required

Whatever our customers require we will always endeavour to tailor solutions to their requirements, making it a clear and simple choice to work with Dexion.