Push Back Racking

  • Maximum use of floor space available. It is an accumulative storage system of up to 6 pallets deep. It can either be a system of interlocking trolleys or rollers.
  • FILO but allows greater flexibility with products than drive in racking
  • Various heights and depths can be catered for. The design is based on the pallet sizes and mass

Unlike traditional pallet racking, push back racking operates on a “last in, first out” (LIFO) inventory management system. This means that the last pallet loaded onto a lane is the first to be unloaded. It’s a dynamic storage solution that utilizes inclined rails and nested carts, allowing pallets to be pushed back along these lanes when a new pallet is loaded, creating a tiered configuration within the racking system.

The structure of push back racking enables multiple pallets to be stored in a single lane. As each pallet is loaded, it rests on a cart that’s already in place. When the subsequent pallet is loaded, it pushes the previous pallet back slightly. This design allows for higher storage density compared to traditional systems while maintaining accessibility to each individual pallet within the lane.

This system offers several advantages, including increased storage density, efficient space utilization, and the ability to store multiple SKUs within the same bay. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses with a high volume of inventory but limited warehouse space.



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