Shuttle Racking

Dense storage system


I need the best space utilisation both in height and floor area whilst retaining the ability to control stock.


Satellite/Shuttle racking is a dense storage system, equal to that of drive-in racking but offers quick product retrieval. Forklift truck does not enter the system.

  • Better space utilisation.
  • System can be FIFO or FILO.
  • Good occupancy rates can be achieved.
  • Equipment lease options available.

Shuttle racking, also known as pallet shuttle or radio shuttle racking, is an advanced storage system designed to maximize efficiency and storage capacity within a warehouse or distribution center. This system employs a semi-automated shuttle device that transports pallets within the racking structure, allowing for high-density storage and streamlined operations. Shuttle racking is particularly well-suited for handling a large volume of homogeneous products with high turnover rates.

One of the key features of shuttle racking is its ability to significantly increase the storage density compared to traditional pallet racking systems. The shuttle device operates on rails or tracks installed within the racking structure and is capable of independently moving pallets within the system. This eliminates the need for forklifts to enter the racking aisles, optimizing space and allowing for more compact storage configurations. The increased storage density is especially beneficial for facilities with limited floor space seeking to make the most of their vertical storage capacity.

The semi-automated nature of shuttle racking enhances operational efficiency. Warehouse personnel can control the movement of the shuttle device using a remote control or a central control system. This eliminates the need for forklift operators to manually place and retrieve pallets within the racking system, reducing labor costs and minimizing the risk of accidents. The shuttle device’s ability to move pallets quickly and efficiently contributes to faster pallet handling and order fulfillment processes.

Shuttle racking is highly adaptable and suitable for various industries and storage requirements. The system accommodates different pallet sizes, weights, and configurations, making it versatile for handling a wide range of products. This adaptability is particularly valuable for businesses with diverse inventory profiles or those experiencing changes in product dimensions or storage needs over time.

Safety features are integral to the design of shuttle racking systems. The shuttle device is equipped with sensors and safety mechanisms to prevent collisions, ensuring the protection of both personnel and the system itself. Additionally, the controlled and automated nature of shuttle racking minimizes the risk of human error during pallet handling, contributing to a safer working environment.

In conclusion, shuttle racking represents a cutting-edge solution for warehouses seeking to optimize their storage efficiency and streamline operations. Its ability to increase storage density, improve operational speed, and provide adaptability to diverse storage requirements positions shuttle racking as a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance their warehouse productivity and responsiveness.



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