Carton Flow Racking

Carton flow racking is an innovative storage solution designed to enhance order picking efficiency and streamline inventory management processes. This type of racking system is characterized by inclined roller or wheel tracks, allowing cartons or boxes to flow gently from the loading end to the picking end through the force of gravity. Carton flow racking is particularly well-suited for warehouses and distribution centers dealing with high-volume, small- to medium-sized products, where optimizing space and expediting order fulfillment are critical objectives.

The primary advantage of carton flow racking lies in its ability to facilitate the first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management method. As products are loaded onto the rear of the inclined shelves, they naturally move forward as newer items are added. This ensures that the oldest inventory is accessed first during picking, reducing the risk of product expiration and improving inventory rotation.

The dynamic nature of carton flow racking significantly increases the speed and accuracy of order picking operations. Warehouse personnel can access products without having to move through aisles, as the products are presented directly at the picking face. This minimizes travel time, reduces labor costs, and enhances overall operational efficiency, making it an ideal solution for facilities with a high volume of order picking.



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