Rack Supported

Utilising your existing racking support structure, create tiered platforms to facilitate picking access at multiple levels.

The platforms are constructed from either mesh grated steel, solid steel panels or plywood flooring. You can also incorporate conveyors for efficient material flow. Ideal for businesses that need a cost effective way of creating a raised storage area for hand-loaded goods that are not heavy in nature. Slow moving stock can be stored on upper levels leaving the ground floor for fast moving stock items. Also, it suits growing businesses that may need to dismantle and relocate the storage area in the future.

  • Quick to install
  • Compatible with most existing warehouse storage systems
  • Shelving can be easily added above or below the floor
  • Ability to incorporate a range of standard accessories
  • Choice of floor decking
  • De-mountable and reconfigurable
  • Conditions apply

Rack-supported platforms, also known as structural mezzanines or elevated work platforms, are an innovative solution to maximize vertical space within a warehouse or industrial facility. These platforms utilize the existing racking structures as the support for an additional level or platform, effectively creating a mezzanine floor. Rack-supported platforms are a cost-effective way to expand usable space without the need for extensive construction, providing a solution that optimizes both storage capacity and operational efficiency.

One of the key advantages of rack-supported platforms is their ability to capitalize on the vertical storage space within a facility. By integrating a mezzanine floor directly above the existing racking, businesses can efficiently use the height of the building, transforming previously unused air space into valuable working or storage areas. This is particularly beneficial in warehouses where the vertical dimension is underutilized, allowing for the creation of additional levels for offices, storage, or workspaces.

The design of rack-supported platforms ensures a seamless integration with the existing racking system. The mezzanine is typically supported by the racking uprights and beams, eliminating the need for additional columns that could obstruct the flow of materials or equipment on the ground floor. This design feature not only maximizes the use of floor space but also maintains an open and unobstructed layout for efficient operations.

Rack-supported platforms are versatile and customizable to suit the specific needs of different industries and applications. The additional level can be designed for various purposes, including storage, office space, production areas, or order fulfillment centers. The adaptability of rack-supported platforms allows businesses to tailor the structure to meet their unique operational requirements, providing a flexible and scalable solution.

Safety is a paramount consideration in the design and implementation of rack-supported platforms. Engineers carefully assess the load-bearing capacity of the existing racking to ensure it can support the added weight of the mezzanine and its intended use. Compliance with building codes and safety standards is essential to create a secure environment for personnel working on or around the elevated platform.

In conclusion, rack-supported platforms offer a strategic and efficient way for businesses to optimize their usable space within a warehouse or industrial facility. Whether utilized for additional storage capacity, workspaces, or office areas, these platforms leverage the existing racking infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency and create valuable square footage in a cost-effective manner.




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