Plastic Shelves

Great space saving idea for any office, library, archives or store.
Mobile bases fitted to steel tracks which in turn are fitted to the floor.
Shelving fitted to the bases can either be bolted shelving or the commercial shelving depending on the requirements.
The shelving can be clad in order to blend in with the surrounding furniture.

The mobile shelving can either be manually operated or mechanically all depending on the system size and mass.
The units are lockable.

Mobile bases installed to accommodate either bolted steel shelving or commercial shelving and in instances of heavier bulky goods the light duty racking can also be applied.

Plastic shelving is a versatile and lightweight storage solution that finds application in a variety of settings, ranging from households and offices to industrial and commercial spaces. These shelves are constructed from durable plastic materials, such as polypropylene or high-density polyethylene, making them resistant to rust, corrosion, and moisture. This resistance to environmental factors makes plastic shelving particularly suitable for environments where cleanliness, hygiene, and exposure to water are concerns.

One of the notable advantages of plastic shelving is its ease of assembly and lightweight design. Many plastic shelving units are designed to be easily assembled without the need for tools, making them a convenient and quick solution for creating additional storage space. The lightweight nature of plastic shelves also allows for easy portability and reconfiguration, enabling users to adapt their storage arrangements to changing needs.



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