Bolted Steel Shelving

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Bolted Steel Shelving







Dexion is synonymous with slotted angle products. And no wonder. It’s the product that launched one of the worlds biggest and best-established storage brands. For more than 50 years, Dexion Slotted Angle has been first-choice for countless projects, from test rigs, industrial shelving, benches, display cabinets, safety screens, movie sets to access platforms, fire barriers, security cages and towers.  Dexion Slotted Angle is quickly and easily cut to size and bolted together to form frameworks which can be readily modified or completely dismantled and the components re-used, the perfect construction kit for all applications. 


Height: 1829, 2134, 2438, 2743
Depth: 305, 381, 457, 610
Width: 914

If you need a simple system for your store room, warehouse, garage, tool shed, van or mobile bench, Dexion angle is the solution  

Dexion Angle    

Dexion Angle







Dexion Slotted Angle provides simple cost effective solutions to many storage problems. The system is based on perforated angle sections which can be bolted together to form sturdy shelving structures to suit wide and varied applications. Dexion Angle Uprights are available in three gauges and in a variety of stock lengths.   
Dexion Shelves   


MULTI-BAY UNITS  Dexion Angle units with three or more bays, the centre bay can be supported by the end bays but bolting the top and bottom shelves using the same bolts that support the corner plates on the end bays.  

CORNER PLATES To be bolted between uprights and shelves. if there are more than three shelf levels, three must still have corner plates as per drawing. The rest of the shelves are supported with adjuster 

BASE PLATES  Protect the floor and the bottom of the DEXION angle from scratching and denting. Attaches to the bottom of each DEXION post by two M8 x 16 nuts and bolts.